Welcome to my world

I have been photographing, traveling and creating sterling silver jewelry for 30 years and it has been a joy.  I believe that the sense of balance and composition that I have learned with my photography has been invaluable in the creation of my jewelry.  My colored gemstones are like elements in a landscape, to be arranged in pleasing, natural formations.  Please browse and share what I have captured and created. Thank you for visiting.  Enjoy the ride.


After graduating from college, having taught myself photography , I was ready to hit the road with my camera. A very old Chevy took me across the country and back, 3 times! In the early 70’s I flew to Germany and bought a 750 cc BMW motorcycle, headed south, and eventually ended up in Israel. After a few months I motorcycled back across Europe.
A drive to Guatemala and Honduras, from Boston, in 1978. was incredible…stopping often to make photographs. An odyssey from Australia and New Zealand to China, in 1979, over many months, was an extraordinary journey in so many ways. My international voyages have continued every year and they are a source of joy and inspiration…and a great time to gather materials for my jewelry designs. I have been blessed to have found this road for seeking beauty and adventure


While traveling around Israel in the early 70’s I began making simple pieces of jewelry, selling it on a cloth on the ground next to one of the spectacular gates into the ancient city of Jerusalem. Books of jewelry design from all over the world, and designs I found along my route, have kept my work changing and evolving…thus the name global odyssey design!