College Schedule



1 Brandeis University
6 Connecticut College
16 Wellesley College
19 Brandeis
29 Simmons


4 Clark
6 Wellesley
10 Brandeis
19 Simmons
20 Wellesley
24 Brandeis
25 or 26 or 30 Mount Holyoke College


1 Brandeis
2 Wellesley
3 Clark
7 Simmons

During the week,  come and find me at these quieter locations where I have the room to display lots of new things, including my photography…and follow on my Facebook jewelry page to see the newest gems, once they are set…   go to Facebook and punch in

Best wishes to all…and thank you to everyone who appreciates what I do…Blessings!

I am usually all ready by 9 30 in the morning and I stay until about 4 pm. The student centers are where I am located. Please feel free to call or email with any questions about location or directions. I have lots of space at the colleges so I often exhibit my photography as well as my silver jewelry. Hope to see familiar faces in the Fall and many new ones as well!